quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2011

Let's look at the trailer

"Seven samurai", Fumio Hayasaka (Seven Samurai)
"Dead Birds", RZA (Ghost dog)
"Tommib", Squarepusher, (Lost in translation)
"Tu mira (edit)", Lola y Manuel (Kill Bill)
"Theme", Jon Brion (Eternal sunshine of spotleess mind)
"All is love", Karen O and the kids (Where the wild things are)
"Kaze wo Atsumete", Happy End (Lost in translation)
"There is a ligth that never goes out", The Smiths (500 days of summer)
"Forever Away", John Fusciante (Brown Bunny)
"New slang", The shins (Garden state)
"Opening: the end", The Doors (Apocalipse now)